I’m Moving!

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Starting my blog back in July of last year has sent me on a journey of discovery, learning, frustrations over technical issues, mess ups, accomplishment, soul searching, and fun!  I’ve been learning as I go, and research has lead me to the conclusion that I need to move from a .blog to a .com so I’m going to make that switch now!  My new website is all set up and ready to go with the exception of improvements I intend to make along the way as I learn and grow.  I’m so humbled by and grateful for each one of you that follow me and subscribe via email or WordPress Reader, and I hope you’ll continue to do so on my new site :).  (Just hit that ‘Subscribe’ button one more time over there.)

Head on over and check it out!  I look forward to seeing you over at vafarmwifelife.com!

That Time I Met Tim Tebow


The most exciting thing that has happened to me all week was meeting Tim Tebow…last night.  Okay, so that’s fake news…kind of.  In my dream last night, he picked me up and we went out to a nice dinner.  He was very nice (duh), he told me some things I need to work on as a person (talk about awkward the very first time you meet someone–especially a famous someone) and then he dropped me back off.  I have concluded that I needed a good talking to concerning things I’m being a slacker about, and so my subconscious conjured up Tim Tebow to deliver them to me because it knew I would be receptive to such a godly, standup kind of guy.  Does that make Tim Tebow my spirit animal…?  Maybe I’m taking this a bit too far.  ANYWAYS…imagine my utter disappointment over the fact that he didn’t stick around to profess his undying love for me (sigh).  But alas, twas but a dream.

Thankfully I woke up to my very real flaming-hot Farmer Man and my beautiful 4-month-old (excuse me while I ugly cry over how fast she’s growing up!) and our blonde, bounding lab, Diesel.  We’ve been a bundle of nerves over here for a few weeks as everything around us has grown more and more dry–the grass, the leaves, the pastures, and most nail-bitingly important, the 500+ acres of soybeans that my Farmer Man planted back in April and May.

A few weeks ago in our Young Adult Sunday school class, we were discussing spiritual gifts.  One of my Farmer Man’s top gifts is faith.  It’s a good thing!  If you don’t possess this spiritual gift, here’s some life advice…don’t become a farmer!  My Farmer Man is laid back, stubbornly optimistic, and demonstrates to me what it means to have faith like a child.  A friend of mine who had become a skeptic of the Christian faith once asked me, “Why would I want to have faith like a child?  Children believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy!”  What he failed to realize is that to have faith like a child is not to believe the same content that children believe; it’s believing in the same manner that children believe.  Children believe something if they have faith in the person telling them things.  In the same way, when we as children of God have “faith like a child”, we are taking Him at His word because of who He is.

So today, after days and weeks of the scorching heat, willing it to rain, watching everything wither, staring down storms on the horizon without them blowing a single kiss our way, praying, and believing, God saw fit to rain down blessings on us…literally.  And He didn’t play around either!  We got half an inch…I only know because Farmer Man checks the rain gauge like a 15-year-old checks their Facebook notifications.

The picture above is the whole reason for this impromptu post tonight, because I just couldn’t wait to share it and the beautiful reminder it is of the promises of God–to never destroy the earth again by flood, to always take care of His children, to always love us with a love that does not rise and fall with the quality of our behavior, and to never leave us or forsake us.